The story

Four months after his Olympic race in Beijing, Maarten retired from swimming. A lot of publishers were interested in a book about his life and Maarten went searching for a good writer. He found several, but one of them recommended Maarten to write his own book if he wanted it to be personal and sincere. Six months after been giving this advice, ‘Better’ was lying in the bookstores. An honest story about Maartens difficult relationship with his dad and his youth, the intense treatment because of his leukaemia, Maartens vision on dealing with cancer and his tactics to become the first Olympic winner of the 10km Open Water Swimming. At young age, Maarten found out you can’t be in control over all the aspects in your life. ‘Better’ gives you an insight how Maarten coped with his and how his attitude to life helped him to become Olympic Champion.



“Everybody who wants to read an heroic story on how Maarten van der Weijden fought against cancer and became Olympic Champion, shouldn’t be reading this book. Maarten van der Weijden doesn’t present himself as a hero, especially not a hero who beated cancer!” 


“Being sick and becoming better. It’s the main theme in the controversial story of recovered cancer patient Maarten van der Weijden.”
De Volkskrant