Maarten as a motivational speaker

Maartens motivational speakings are personal and sincere. He has done over 250 speakings in the Netherlands and abroad (among United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Thailand and Indonesia), but Maartens story still remains authentic. Preceding a presentation, Maarten always wants to know more about his audience (their age, background, composition, …) to make sure his story is in line with their interests.

Main goal of Maarten his motivational speakings is to challenge his audience to think about their own chances and possibilities and to motivate them to improve themselves. Because of his experiences within the business world, Maarten is able to make a connection between this world and sports and dealing with misfortune. His story isn’t a slick presentation, supported by a flashy PowerPoint, but it’s a pure story which makes you think about your own life and future.

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