unnamedMaarten and sports

Maarten started swimming when he was six years old. It soon became clear that Maarten had a talent for swimming and it only took a few years before his training regime was extremely intensified. Open Water Swimming seemed to be the best match and has been Maartens passion for at least ten years. During an open water race, swimmers have to cover distances of 5, 10 of 25 km in the open water (rivers, channels, lakes, seas and oceans). It’s not just about swimming as fast as possible, but also about as smart as possible.

Since he was seven years old, Maarten trained to swim as fast as possible. Swimming as smart as possible got his attention in the last years before the Olympic Games in Beijing (2008). By using big innovations (such as light therapy and an altitude tent) and small innovations (swimming in a fast full body suit and shaving his head to lose warmth as quickly as possible), Maarten was able to become Olympic Champion.

After winning Olympic Gold, Maarten soon realized he was at the top of his sporting career and it would be very hard to outdo his success. Therefore he decided to retire from swimming. By changing his eating pattern and run at a regular base, Maarten tries to stay fit and healthy.


Join Maarten!

Having a healthy lifestyle is important to people of all ages. By regular exercise you can decline the chances to become ill and you can get a better understanding of your own body. Maarten challenges you to work together on a healthy lifestyle. Written below you’ll see the days and times to join Maarten in doing sports.