Swim to Fight Cancer

On September the 14th (2014) the ‘Swim to Fight Cancer’ was held for the first time. Participants collected on forehand as much money as possible and on the 14th, they jumped in the channels of Den Bosch to swim 2km. The collection is intended for fellowships: scholarships for young, talented doctors and academics to improve themselves at the highest level in oncology. By… Read more >

Stichting and Team Hartedroom

Stichting Hartedroom, an organization which supports the research of child cardiomyopathy (a congenital heart muscle disease), asked Maarten to become one of the volunteers to run the New York Marathon in order to ask for attention to this deathly condition. Maarten often feels tired when he’s training for the 42km run, but for children with cardiomyopathy it’s sometimes even difficult… Read more >

Samenloop voor Hoop/Relay for Life

The ‘Samenloop voor Hoop’ (worldwide known as ‘Relay for Life’) is a 24hr walking relay which is held on a yearly base in different cities of the Netherlands. Main goal of the ‘Samenloop voor Hoop’ is to give thought to victims of cancer and honor them and to collect money for the research of cancer. Since… Read more >