Samenloop voor Hoop/Relay for Life


The ‘Samenloop voor Hoop’ (worldwide known as ‘Relay for Life’) is a 24hr walking relay which is held on a yearly base in different cities of the Netherlands. Main goal of the ‘Samenloop voor Hoop’ is to give thought to victims of cancer and honor them and to collect money for the research of cancer. Since 2008, Maarten is an ambassador of the ‘Samenloop voor Hoop’ and every year he visits a few events to share his story with the participants. Last June, Maarten motivated the participants of a Dutch reality show to organize a ‘Samenloop voor Hoop’. This ‘Samenloop voor Hoop’ was held a month later and has led to several new initiatives throughout the country in order to organize more events.

The movie below is Maartens visit to the reality show (in Dutch).

The movie below is Maartens speech at the ‘Samenloop voor Hoop’ in Alphen aan den Rijn (in Dutch).

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