Stichting and Team Hartedroom

2014-Team-Stichting-HartedroomStichting Hartedroom, an organization which supports the research of child cardiomyopathy (a congenital heart muscle disease), asked Maarten to become one of the volunteers to run the New York Marathon in order to ask for attention to this deathly condition. Maarten often feels tired when he’s training for the 42km run, but for children with cardiomyopathy it’s sometimes even difficult to walk for 42 meters. Since Maarten knows that having a healthy body isn’t guaranteed, he’s very motivated to give children with cardiomyopathy a bigger chance for a future by running 42km.

In the video below, Maarten and Team Hartedroom tell about child cardiomyopathy and their goal at the show ‘RTL Late Night’, 16-04-2014 (in Dutch).

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