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The 1st Swim to Fight Cancer

Wow, what an achievement! Over 500 people jumped in the cold channel of Den Bosch to collect as much money as possible for ‘Fight Cancer’. And they did their job very well: at the end of the day I was pleased to give ‘Figth Cancer’ a €500.000,- cheque!

Of course I will never forget the period I had cancer, neither will I forget the luck I had recovering from this disease. However, a day like this, makes me realize even more the importance of health and healthcare and how many people are confronted with the disease ‘cancer’. While I start my 2km swim (being diagnosed leukaemia in 2001), I’m supported by my brother in law (diagnosed cancer in 2001) and mother in law (diagnosed cancer in 2012) and joined in the water by my friend Stephan (lost his father because of cancer). When I’m back on the mainland, I’m touched by all the personal stories people tell me and all the tears that are shed.

One day after the ‘Swim’, I’m cycling to my office job, to agitate myself about growth numbers. I really enjoy my job, but still, it’s just a job. I’ve decided to wear my ‘Swim to Fight Cancer’ shirt to the office, not very posh, but to remind me of other numbers that are way more important than growth numbers. Numbers of the amount of people diagnosed with cancer, but also numbers of the amount of people that can be cured from cancer because of better research, financed by amazing events like ‘Swim to Fight Cancer’!


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